PB4L – Positive Behaviour For Learning

The REACH Programme focuses on Values and Virtues Puni School wishes to emphasize with our students. The programme is on-going but a session is set aside every week to teach the specifics or areas of emphasis.

Puni School has set the following expectations for our students:
R = Respect yourself, others and property
E = Eyes and Ears for Learning
A = Act safely, immediately and willingly
C = Challenge yourself
H = Have control of your actions

REACH is aspirational and fits within our school symbol the giraffe and all that we do at Puni School. We are following the Positive Behaviour for Learning Programme (PB4L) which emphasizes great behaviour for all so that learning is maximized.

Each value or virtue will be taught over a two or three week period and students who show this value or virtue will be rewarded at Assemblies.

A Class Compliment Chart augments the REACH Programme. The organisation and management of the chart is over to each teacher but generally the chart has spaces to collect ‘tokens’ for demonstrating the REACH values and virtues. As an example, our school focus could be on ‘Responsibility.’ As a member of the class (or the class itself) shows this virtue, congratulations are signified by the class being given a token for the Compliment Chart. Once all of the token spaces are completed the class earns a reward (negotiated as a class before the Compliment Chart has begun). This could be a popcorn party and a DVD, an afternoon of Art or Sport, a trip to a local destination, ice creams all round etc. Each Class may have different rewards.
The Class Compliment Chart should take many weeks to complete.

REACH expectations for all Students
REACH Milestones for rewards
Click on the image to see the Problem Behaviour Flow Chart