Outdoor Education from 2021

Kia ora whānau

E.O.T.C (Education Outside of the Classroom) is an important part of school life at Puni and each syndicate has opportunities to experience some learning outside of the school environment each year.

Rangi Syndicate also have the opportunity to be part of an amazing camping experience every second year at Camp Bentzon at Kawau Island.

With the increasing costs of camp and the move to the donation scheme our school can no longer ask for any money from our whānau for any E.O.T.C activity that we consider part of the curriculum. However, the reality is that even if we were not part of the donation scheme we could not ask for the curriculum costs related to any trip. 

For that reason, the next camp will be at Camp Bentzon (Kawau Island) November 2022. 

The donation scheme means the government funds $150 per child in lieu of asking for any money from whānau. This does not mean that each child directly gets $150 as it covers a range of costs not relating to E.O.T.C. It also means events like travelling performances, Mathletics, Steps, Apps, Subscriptions, Life Education are all covered.

Camps are slightly exempt from this however, as we can ask for money towards travel, food and accommodation. We can also fundraise to offset these costs.

Each syndicate gets part of the funding that we generate from being part of the Donation Scheme and for Rangi they can use this towards the curriculum costs of camp. However, if they did this every year this would mean that the students would not be able to engage in any other activities as the funding would primarily be absorbed by camp. An example would be we would not be able to take part in the upcoming Sky Tower experience (Term 1 2021) or any other trips related to the curriculum.

Remembering that E.O.T.C is more than camps and as we have an amazing bi annual booking in Kawau, where students, in either year 5 or 6, get to experience this opportunity.

Our PTA have also committed $50 to each Rangi student every second year for Kawau island, meaning that they would have this amount before any fundraising. It also means we can just focus on seeking camp donations that are related to travel, food and accommodation.

We appreciate that this may come as a disappointment as we have tried to have a camp every year. However, in term 4 we will still have an outdoor / E.O.T.C week, with a range of challenging and different opportunities. There is also a plan to have some type of overnight stay in tents, or student made shelter at school during this week.

More details around this will come out closer to the time, as the Rangi staff are just confirming some details and the relevant budget. There would be no cost to this as it would, like all other E.O.T.C activities, be included in the donation scheme, although we will likely ask for food donations as required. It is also a chance to experience and celebrate some of the local opportunities and also engage our students in the planning.

We would also love to hear from you if you have a skill or experience that you could facilitate or suggest.

Thanks for your ongoing support and I would like to thank the Rangi teachers for their amazing commitment to wanting the students to have a range of experiences suitable to our year 5 and 6 tamariki.


Haydon Brill