Board of Trustees

Congratulations to the following members who were elected in the August/September 2022 school board elections:

David Sweatman
Keir Robertson
Raewyn Austin

Amy Lambourne
Corrina De-Arth – Staff Representative
Haydon Brill – Principal

The Board of Trustees is a strong group of dedicated parents/whānau who provide governance over Puni School.

The BOT develop, with the school staff, Policy, Procedures and our Strategic and Annual Plans which indicate the goals and objectives our school has in Curriculum, Documentation, Personnel, Finance, Property, Heath & Safety and Community involvement.

Please see the School Vision tab/link for the Physical Restraint, Prevention of Bullying Policy, Charter, Variance Reports and other reports including the latest ERO Report.

If you would like a copy of the Board of Trustees minutes please contact the office and they can be emailed to you. Alternatively the current year’s minutes are on a noticeboard in the office.